About Us

There’s No Shortcut to Success

You know that sense of satisfaction that comes from doing something with your own two hands? At Tipsy’s & Co., that pride is in everything we do.

We Put in the Work

It started simply enough. We knew that guys wanted a simple way to look their best—without looking too GQ. And while there are a ton of grooming products out there, most of it is mass-produced and made with a ton of chemicals. So we set out to put together a small but charismatic collection of hardworking, high-quality grooming gear made with natural ingredients known for their smoothing, soothing benefits, and subtle fragrances.

Months of research, good old-fashioned experimentation, and plenty of trial and error led to some pretty incredible formulas. Like beard oils that leave beards looking polished—never greasy or flaky. Beard Balms that condition and control. Even a beard wash that cleans without overdrying coarse whiskers. Each of our handcrafted items is a blend of natural ingredients we’ve found works great on even the unruliest of beards.

While we were happy with the products we made, it felt like something was missing. Then it hit us: tools! We wanted a few traditional tools that could be used to enhance our handcrafted formulas. So we added some beard-grooming essentials, like a boar-bristle beard brush and dual-sided beard comb. Like all our products, the tools we offer are carefully made, with unwavering attention to detail.

Our products were so well-loved by customers that we decided to expand beyond the beard. We devoted the same kind of attention to our shave balm, razors and aftershave that we did to our beard products. The result? A collection that turns shaving into a self-care ritual that guys actually look forward to. We also added some essentials for looking and feeling your best—like a rich body wash and a long-lasting roll-on fragrance.

We’re not finished yet! We’re hard at work, putting together additional gentlemen’s essentials (subscribe to our emails to be the first to hear about these upcoming items!).

Handcrafted Quality

For guys who appreciate the fact that putting in the work beats taking a shortcut every time, Tipsy’s & Co. offers a high-quality collection of grooming products that keep you looking suave, and never over-styled. Our fragrances are rugged and outdoorsy—without overwhelming your senses with anything artificial.

Tipsy's & Co beard oils, comb, and shave butter lineup against a brick background.